Monday, 9 May 2016

Weekly Refletion T2W2

What: Last week we saw this poster for Queen of the day and it was created by Midweek. So we wrote a story about our mum or Nan and why they could be queen of the day. If your mum or Nan won they would get driven around and go to places and get little goodie bags. We also did technology, it's when we get put into groups and do fun stuff  like painting and sewing. My group did painting and it was about ANZAC Day. Last week we also played blob tag. It's when you get tagged you join arms. Then when there is four of you, you spit up into buddies to tag more people.

So what:I learnt how to play blob tag it is so funny.

Now what: My goal for this term was to be sensible when I am working. I have not achieved this so I am still working on it. 

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