Friday, 14 October 2016

How to make a Spinning Top

                           .How to make spinning top.

Materials:                                                                          Equipment:
Bottle top                                                                          Scissors
Skewer                                                                              Pencil  
Cardboard paper                                                               Felts

*First we put a hole through the bottle top big enough to fit a skewer through.
*Then you get your cardboard and you trace around the bottle top.
*Now you trace around the bottle top then you cut out the circle from your cardboard.
*Then when you have finished cutting your cardboard  out you colour it in.
*When you are finished colouring it in you drill a hole in the middle of your cardboard .
*After that you put your skewer in both holes from your cardboard and your bottle top.
*Last you can play with your spinning top.

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