Thursday, 6 April 2017

Writing Prove It Workshop 24

L.I Can I support my ideas with detail?

On Monday 29th of March my class drove to Green Pastures camp with a lot of big tall trees for a mini camp. My favourite activity was the muddy mud run where you had to run around a big dirty poopy obstacle course and sharp twigs and sticks and you had to run on the mucky smelly brown mud. It was pretty hard. There was this hard piece were the mud was so deep and thick and muddy that you could barely even move, it felt really really mucky and yuck. Sometimes you had to get pulled out with the help of some adults. When they strongly pulled me out one of the adults said if you slowly fall back in none of us are going to help you get out of the smelly mud. When I got up I quickly fell back down into the really smooth mud so I pulled myself out with two sharp twigs and then we started to go back to the start of the mud run. The adults took some photos and they told us to say mud monsters. After that we walked back to Green Pastures and had a swim.

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